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Case Study | ABC Legal Company

ABC Legal Company needed a re-brand and a new website. They’d been around for over 20 years and operated with the same marketing material they started with. The only new business enquiries were from referrals. They had a website but it hadn’t been touched in over 10 years.

Proposed Solution
Re-brand the company. Same name, but new logo and colour scheme along with a new website with an emphasis put on bringing in new leads.

After 8 weeks of launching the new site, they’d gone from 1 new lead a week from the website to an average of 9 each week. On average, they were converting 1 in 5 enquiries.

At this current rate that means instead of bringing on 1 new client every 5 weeks, they’re bringing in 1 new client every 4 days. ABC Legal Companies’ Managing Partner had this to say:

“The new website has surpassed all my expectations and paid for itself in the first few weeks alone. This is incredibly exciting”
Margeret Smith – Managing Partner